Maddow Takes On My So-Called Ex-Gay Life

Maddow Takes On My So-Called Ex-Gay Life

Gabriel Arana spoke to Rachel Maddow about his shocking revelation that Dr. Robert Spitzer, a respected authority on LGBT health, told him he regretted giving credence to the "ex-gay" movement.

Arana's recent piece in The American Prospect was a big blow to "ex-gay" programs, which attempt to turn gay people straight. Arana described speaking to Spitzer, who in 2001 wrote a piece that suggested some gay people could change their orientation. Spitzer told Arana he regretted that decision and that it was mostly taken out of context. Spitzer, ironically, was one of the doctors in 1973 that helped remove homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental disorders.

Watch Arana and Maddow discuss the doctor below.

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