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West Virginia Governor Stumbles Hard Defending Anti-Trans Bill


West Virgina governor Jim Justice should have been more prepared when he went on MSNBC to defend the odious anti-trans bill he signed on Wednesday.

Justice appeared on Stephanie Ruhle Reports on Thursday, where Ruhle repeatedly questioned why he would sign a bill that banned trans girls and women from competing in sports that correspond with their gender. Justice couldn't name one example of a trans high school or college athlete presenting an unfair advantage over their cisgender peers, but claimed as a girls' sports coach he just had a feeling the legislation was needed.

Ruhle pressed on, asking for specific evidence that trans female athletes were causing problems for cisgender athletes. “But sir, you have no examples of this happening,” Ruhle said, growing frustrated.

Ruhle asked the governor why an anti-trans bill that purports to solve a problem that doesn't exist was a priority for his state. Ruhle pointed out that West Virginia ranks nearly last among the states when it comes to health care, education, economy, and infrastructure.

“Well, Stephanie, I didn’t make [the bill] a priority. It wasn’t my bill,” Justice responded, saying there were only about 12 “transgender-type” kids in the state.

“You signed it,” said Ruhle, refusing to allow the governor to have it both ways. “Come back when you can show me some evidence.”

Watch the exchange below.

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