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Anti-LGBTQ+ Right-Winger Demands PetSmart Take Down Pride Flag

Ethan Schmidt-Crockett and PetSmart

PetSmart shut down right-wing anti-vaxxer Ethan Schmidt-Crockett's complaints over the Pride flags.  

Ethan Schmidt-Crockett, who made headlines in May for his threats against the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, is now taking his "advocacy" to PetSmart.

The right-wing anti-vaxxer formerly shared in a video that he was going to "make massive scenes" in various stores - like Target and Sunny's Hair and Wigs - to ensure that "corporate" does not "poison the children."

"If you support the LGBT agenda, you're not safe," he previously said.

Now, enforcing his "beliefs" on the land of pets, in a clip shared by Patriot Takes, Schmidt demanded that a PetSmart employee take down the Pride flag as it "supports pedophilia and child sexualization."

The employee called a manager to the front, who assured him that they weren't going to take it down.

"We are supportive of LGBTQ+ people here," he said.

"The real rainbow is from God," Scmhidt-Crockett declared in the video, which has amassed over two million views. "That's the rainbow of Satan."

"Thank you for coming by and sharing that with us," the manager calmly added, before asking him to leave.

"We're going to have the Pride flag up. We have it all over our store," added another employee, seemingly unphased by Schmidt-Crockett's anti-LGBTQ+ remarks.

Though it is unclear as to whether the right-winger's threats hold any real weight, he claims they are only designed to "create leftist outrage," according to his Telegram page. Schmidt-Crockett has a history of making provocative statements and stunts via his Telegram account. Twitter and Instagram accounts associated with his name in the past have been suspended or no longer exist, according to the Los Angeles Blade.

A spokesperson for PetSmart told Insider, "At PetSmart we strive to create an environment where every associate feels like they truly belong. We are proud of our associates who deescalated this situation and reinforced our commitment to belonging."

Schmidt-Crockett, not giving up during the two-minute video (despite being asked to leave multiple times), remarked "Shame on Petco!"

To which the manager replied, in the most dignified of ways, "This is PetSmart."

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