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Ezra Miller’s Alleged World of Drugs, Guns, and Messianic Visions

Ezra Miller

Sources describe the Flash actor on a downward spiral of disturbing behavior.

Multiple sources have told Vanity Fairthat Flash actor Ezra Miller is battling mental health and substance abuse issues that have resulted in a chaotic and dangerous home and lifestyle.

According to these sources, Miller has a messianic vision of themself and uses their celebrity status to groom vulnerable persons and create a cult-like following. Sources also described Miller's Vermont farm as filled with guns, drugs, and squalor, as well as an altar to marijuana, sage, and bullets.

One unnamed source said Miller's mental health issues and their hard-partying ways accelerated during downtime after projects had wrapped. Another source who accompanied Miller to Iceland said the 2019 divorce of the actor's parents played a pivotal role in their descent, noting there were no public incidents prior to that development. Yet another source blamed Miller's spiritual advisor, a 55-year-old medicine man from North Dakota named Jasper Young Bear, for the actor's grandiose visions of themself. The source claimed Young Bear told Miller "he was the next Messiah and that the Freemasons were sending demons out to kill him." (Vanity Fair noted that multiple sources misgendered Miller, something the sources claim the actor permits in private).

According to sources, Miller has also included Takota Iron Eyes in their messianic illusions. Miller was accused by Iron Eyes's parents of grooming and giving large doses of drugs to their daughter starting at the age of 12 after they met during protests of the Keystone Pipeline.

"Ezra is Jesus, and Tokata's an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess, and their union is supposed to bring about the apocalypse," one source said. "And that's the 'real' reason everyone is so opposed to them being together."

Miller's home in Vermont was originally a llama and alpaca farm, but has since devolved into a messy flophouse with people living and partying on the actor's largesse but forced to listen to their lengthy monologues.

Miller has been involved in a string of public incidents involving police recently. Only recently, though, has the actor acknowledged the incidents and the underlying issues. Last month, Miller released a statement to Variety claiming they were "committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe, and productive stage" in their life.

The statement came a week after news Miller had been arrested on a felony burglary charge for allegedly stealing bottles of alcohol from a neighbor's home in May. The crime was captured on video which was used to identify Miller as a suspect. They face up to 15 years in prison and a fine of not more than $1,000.

In June, the parents of activist Tokata Iron Eyes accused Miller of using drugs, violence, and intimidation to exert a cult-like influence over their daughter, and petitioned a tribal court to issue an order of protection against the Justice League actor. Iron Eyes later denied the accusations in a post to social media.

In March, Miller was arrested by police in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment. They allegedly objected to patrons singing karaoke and later lunged at another man playing darts, although Miller claimed they were the victim of two assaults, including one by a man Miller called a "Nazi." They offered to show the police a video they filmed of the alleged incidents.

"I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art," Miller was observed saying in the bodycam footage.

Miller grew increasingly agitated during the arrest, claiming a violation by police of their "Ninth Amendment rights" to "not be unlawfully persecuted for a crime of no designation." They became highly agitated during a body search when a male police officer allegedly touched the non-binary actor's penis.

"Hey, you just touched my penis. Please don't do that," Miller said, adding "I'm transgender, non-binary, and I don't want to be searched by a man!"

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