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North Carolina School Board Member Censured for Anti-LGBTQ+ Facebook Post

North Carolina School Board Member Censured for Anti-LGBTQ+ Facebook Post

Randy Moore

He defended himself saying it’s his First Amendment right to “wake up against woke.”

In response to public condemnation for his anti-LGBT+ Facebook status, a North Carolina’s school board member has defended his actions on religious and constitutional grounds.

Randy Moore said he loves people in the LGBTQ+ community as a Christian, in response to the Mount Airy Board of Education's decision last week to censure him. Though, he did have one caveat.

“But not their doings,” Moore stated, referring to homosexual behavior, which he claimed was supported by the Bible. According to him, his Facebook posting earlier this month expressing his love for members of the LGBTQ+ community despite “their doings” was “not personal,” The Mount Airy News reports.

The post included an image of a figure wearing red, white, and blue clothing assaulting another dressed in rainbow colors representing the LGBTQ+ community.

The homophobic bigotry in his message alarmed members of the seven-person board.

“The Mount Airy City Schools Board of Education disavows and disapproves of Mr. Randy Moore’s recent social media posts,” read a statement from the board.

Moore claimed he wasn’t present for the censure and was notified afterward.

“The first I knew about Monday’s (July 10) board meeting was after the meeting was already over,” he said. According to Moore, confusion around email addresses and other issues prevented him from receiving notice.

The image was accompanied by Moore’s comments about the rainbow colors used by “sinners.”

“One day, the rainbow will no longer be misused by sinners to boast in their sin,” he wrote. “The rainbow will be reserved for the glory of God alone when Christ returns and makes all things new.”

In his defense, he agreed that public figures must represent themselves respectfully “yet still not be afraid to use rightful speech.” He says it was his right under the First Amendment to make the comments.

He said that the LGBTQ+ community is receiving special treatment by claiming to be immune from criticism while being outspoken.

“Why can’t others?” he asked. “They just don’t speak up.”

Following news reports of the censure last Thursday, Moore said he had received positive feedback from residents who supported his point of view.

“I am immeasurably grateful for the unwavering support against what some are terming ‘minority over silent majority,’” he said, “to wake up against woke.”

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