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Kelly Johnson's Deadly Sin Behind Loving the Sinner and Hating the Sin

The speaker's wife is not "exceedingly polite." Rather, she has the blood of our community on her hands.

Supreme Court Considers Challenge to Washington State’s Conversion Therapy Ban

The far-right extremist group Alliance Defending Freedom brings a case that threatens to undo protections for LGBTQ+ minors from dangerous and abusive conversion therapy.

Speaker Mike Johnson’s Wife Removes Website Equating Homosexuality to Bestiality and Incest

Following scrutiny, Kelly Johnson, wife of newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, has taken down her Christian counseling website that contained documents comparing homosexuality to bestiality and incest.

Speaker Mike Johnson’s Wife Runs Counseling Service That Compares Homosexuality to Beastiality

With Johnson's record on LGBTQ+ rights, is it a surprise?

North Carolina School Board Member Censured for Anti-LGBTQ+ Facebook Post

He defended himself saying it’s his First Amendment right to “wake up against woke.”

Cop Posts Antigay Message, Quits Force, Does Right-Wing Media Tour

Jacob Kersey resigned from his position because he says he's afraid of repercussions from making future offensive posts.

Christian School Sues Over Washington AG's Probe of Anti-LGBTQ+ Bias

Seattle Pacific University says Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is interfering with its religious freedom.

Same-Sex Wedding Likely to End Professor's Job at Christian School

A committee at Calvin University has recommended that Joseph Kuilema not be reappointed after he officiated a wedding for two women.

Gay City Official Threatened With Stoning In Oregon

A man brandished a rock during a public meeting, but police released him despite his violent threats.

A Gay Man Says He Was Tormented at Liberty University. Now He's Suing

Lucas Wilson is not just taking on the one-time home of Jerry Falwell, but the Education Department for enabling the university.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Elects First Transgender Bishop

The Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer will be bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod, covering parts of California and Nevada.

Cold War: The Catholic Church and LGBTQ+ Believers

This year, the Vatican continued its mixed messages about queer equality and dignity. Is our patience worn thin?

Jerry Falwell Jr. Needs Jesus, and a Few Good Men

Less yachts and more self-honesty is the fallen evangelical's only hope.

I'm Rooting for the Pool Boy — and the Democrats

Falwell, like Trump, gets an unjustifiable pass while the rest of us will rot in hell.

Jerry Falwell Jr. to Get $10.5 Million in Severance From Liberty U

The well-known homophobe and Trump supporter won't be suffering after resigning amid scandals.

Falwell Jr. Resigns (Finally) From Liberty U After Series of Scandals

Jerry Falwell Jr., anti-LGBTQ+ evangelical and Trump superfan, leaves Liberty after a report that he and his wife had a sexual arrangement with a young man.


Christian Writer Matthew Paul Turner Comes Out as Gay, Divorces Wife

"While we're best friends and thoroughly love doing life, parenting, and pursuing our dreams together, ending our marriage is necessary because I am gay."

'Former' Gay, Trans Pastor Sy Rogers Dies, Memorialized by Right Wing

As leader of the discredited Exodus International organization, Rogers convinced thousands they could change their orientation or gender identity. 

Pat Robertson Blames Health Crisis on Marriage Equality, Abortion

God won't heal the land because we haven't repented of those sins, says the extremist preacher.

Christian Privilege Is Spreading Like a Virus

Christian supremacists like Franklin Graham feel empowered to force their beliefs on everyone, including the sick and dying.