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A man brandished a rock during a public meeting, but police released him despite his violent threats.

August 05 2021 11:53 AM

Lucas Wilson is not just taking on the one-time home of Jerry Falwell, but the Education Department for enabling the university.

May 13 2021 1:44 PM

The Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer will be bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod, covering parts of California and Nevada.

May 10 2021 3:30 PM

This year, the Vatican continued its mixed messages about queer equality and dignity. Is our patience worn thin?

December 24 2020 6:38 PM

Less yachts and more self-honesty is the fallen evangelical's only hope.

August 27 2020 3:21 PM

Falwell, like Trump, gets an unjustifiable pass while the rest of us will rot in hell.

August 26 2020 7:13 PM

The well-known homophobe and Trump supporter won't be suffering after resigning amid scandals.

August 26 2020 3:15 PM