Radio’s Stephanie Miller Comes Out

Radio’s Stephanie Miller Comes Out

Liberal radio talker Stephanie Miller came out as gay on her nationally syndicated show Friday morning.

Miller, who had sometimes joked about having crushes on men, such as fellow liberal commentator Keith Olbermann, led up to her announcement by tweeting, “Mama’s got something to tell you.” After making her statement, she received numerous supportive comments from listeners, in both phone calls and online posts. One of her guests on Friday’s show was country singer Chely Wright, who also recently came out.

Miller, 48, is a former stand-up comic and for a time had a television show on MSNBC. She grew up in a conservative Republican family — her late father, attorney and congressman William Miller, was Barry Goldwater’s running mate in the 1964 presidential election. Goldwater, who has a gay grandson, voiced gay-supportive positions late in his life.

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