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Memphis Gay Ordinance Tabled

Memphis Gay Ordinance Tabled

The Tennessee Equality Project requested Tuesday that Memphis city
councilwoman Janis Fullilove withdraw the Employment Non-Discrimination

“It became very apparent that it was being treated differently, and it became very, very apparent we were not going to get a fair hearing from the majority of the council members,” Michelle Bliss of the Equality Project told ABC News-Memphis.

The bill was up for three readings by the council, but was treated with contention by some of the council members, and community activists including local clergy.

Fullilove, who sponsored the bill, was on the receiving end of death threats for supporting the legislation. She even found a dead cat thrown on her lawn by opponents.

"No one should be discriminated against based upon their color, their sexual orientation, not at all," Fullilove said at an earlier city council meeting.

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