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Trans Woman Speaks About Restroom Arrest

Trans Woman Speaks About Restroom Arrest

Tyjanae Moore was arrested last week for using the women’s restroom at the public library in downtown Houston because police said she was still officially a man.

Moore, 26, pleaded guilty even though she was in compliance with an executive order by Mayor Annise Parker that extends the city’s non-discrimination ordinance to allow transgender people to use the city restroom of their choice. The Houston Area Pastor Council, which opposes the change, has asked the Texas attorney general to determine whether the executive order contradicts state law.

In the past, Moore had used the men’s restroom, but she told Fox News that made her feel unsafe. She is in the process of transitioning.

"I went to the males' restroom and the man followed me into the restroom, so I figured that was not good,” she said. “It wasn't safe and I started going to female restrooms and that's where I'm comfortable with," said Moore.

Watch the interview.

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