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Palin On Willow’s Antigay Rant

Palin On Willow’s Antigay Rant


In an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Sarah Palin appeared oblivious to the seriousness of her daughter Willow's use of the word "fa**ot" against a young man on Facebook who criticized the former Alaksa governor's new reality TV show.

Mediaite reports on the exchange, perhaps the first time Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and potential 2012 presidential contender, addressed the incident.

"While Palin correctly points out that the national media should not have exploited the musings of a 16-year-old, the balance of her response reveals important things about Sarah Palin, not as a parent, but as a media critic and human being," reports Mediaite. "Not only does she undermine her claims of media 'lies' by making stuff up herself, she also displays a disturbing attitude about the use of the word 'fa**ot.'"

According to the transcript, Palin said, "People probably think that my greatest frustration is the lies that are told in the tabloids and on hateful blogs full of anonymous sources about my family ... and there are constant everyday lies that we have to read that are out there in the public. But my family and I...thick skin...we can take it, you know...we can take what the haters say despite the fact that there's injustice in the situation.

"I mean, look at the other day," she continued. "Willow, finally, my 16 year old, she had had it up to here with somebody saying very, very hateful things about the family and saying mean things about her little brother Trig, and Willow finally responded and she used a bad word when she responded in defense of her family. And her response became national news, even hard news copy it turned into, so that's ridiculous and I had to explain to her, 'Willow, there is no justice here but you have to just zip your lip and let's move forward.'"

As Mediaite reports, the Facebook exchange did not involve a single mention of Trig Palin, in addition to other factual errors the former governor asserted about the incident.

Watch the interview.

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