Coulter: Gay Soldier Created “Disaster”

Coulter: Gay Soldier Created “Disaster”

Just a couple of months after telling a gathering of gay conservatives that “marriage is not a civil right,” commentator Ann Coulter is proving once again that she’s no friend to gays.

In her latest syndicated column she uses Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of funneling classified documents to WikiLeaks, to argue against the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

“Look at the disaster one gay created under our punishing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy,” Coulter writes. “What else awaits America with the overturning of a policy that was probably put there for a reason?”

She allows that “the vast majority of gays are loyal Americans — and witty and stylish to boot!” but says DADT should be maintained because “a small percentage of gays are going to be narcissistic hothouse flowers like Bradley Manning.”

She also asks, “Couldn’t they just work for JetBlue?” and says that Manning’s pretense of singing along to a Lady Gaga CD while downloading secret documents amounts to “telling” under DADT. “What constitutes being ‘openly’ gay now?” Coulter writes. “Bringing a spice rack to basic training? Attending morning drills decked out as a Cher impersonator? Following Anderson Cooper on Twitter?”

She uses various examples of gay men caught spying to claim out-of-the-closet gays are unfit for military service, and even cites one who was no spy but merely a journalist who renounced right-wing ideology — her onetime friend David Brock, who went on to found the watchdog group Media Matters.

Read the full column here.

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