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NOM's Secrets Exposed

NOM's Secrets Exposed


The National Organization for Marriage employee who's had an about-face on marriage equality is now leaking the antigay group's secrets through a series of blog posts.

Louis Marinelli says NOM offers incentives to members of a secret online propaganda team who handle stories and tasks the group does not want to engage in officially.

"As part of my job with NOM, I was instructed to create a point system to reward the propagandists. Everything they do will be tracked and NOM plans to reward them," he writes. "In the future, when this team gets off the ground, NOM intends to use the technology behind Mr. [Brian] Brown's ActRight conservative activism website to facilitate tracking, create a competitive atmosphere between the propagandists and allow them to redeem the points they earn in a variety of ways, including lunch with Mr. Brown himself."

According to All Facebook, Marinelli also dismantled NOM's Facebook page, disconnecting the organization from 290,000 followers. He originally created a Facebook for his independent initiative, Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman, which eventually merged with NOM. He remained the administrator on the page, up until he submitted his resignation last week.

Read more about the online propaganda team here.

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