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And the Prom King and Queen Are...

And the Prom King and Queen Are...

Sanford High School senior Christian Nelsen was crowned prom queen while his boyfriend Caleb Jett won the king's title, marking a first for the school in southern Maine.

According to News 8, “Both received enough write-in votes to win. They said they decided to run to break high school stereotypes and open some dialogue about tolerance and gay rights.”

The news station reported that Nelsen said, “When I went for it, I was like this could change who wins for the rest of the year. It doesn't matter if it's a guy or a girl who wins prom queen. Anyone can win, and on that same notion any type of person could win.”

News 8 reported that some Sanford residents said they did not support the idea of a gay prom king and queen, but opponents declined to comment on camera.

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