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Neil Patrick Thinks Hugh Jackman Is Faaaabulous!

Neil Patrick Thinks Hugh Jackman Is Faaaabulous!


No one can go from being a superstudly action movie star to faaaabulously flitting across the stage in a musical as well as Hugh Jackman, according to Neil Patrick Harris in a tribute written for Entertainment Weekly.

For the magazine's annual "Entertainers of the Year" issue, Harris writes: Jack-of-All-Trades is a tricky job -- and no one does it better than Hugh Jackman. He can simultaneously be the superstudly action star of Real Steel, flit about the Broadway stage as the faaaabulous Peter Allen, and be the charming tuxedoed host of a major awards show, and no one questions it a bit. Nay, people eat it up.

I had the unique honor of working alongside Hugh during a performance at this year's Tony Awards. When we were rehearsing, I marveled at his positivity and easygoing nature. He never said no to anything! Could I openly mock him? Sure thing. Have a snappy Chorus Line dance-off? You betcha. How about slow-dance together while harmonizing to "You're the Top?" Absolutely. As a major gigantic-time movie star, Hugh had every right to say, "Crikey, let's opt for something a little tamer, mate." There was none of that. His agenda was simply for the good of the show.

I think he's that selfless, that committed, to everything he sets his mind to. It's what makes him not only a star but a super one. I can't wait to see what he'll surprise us with next.

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