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Maggie Gallagher Believes She Represents the Mainstream

Maggie Gallagher Believes She Represents the Mainstream


Marriage Equality foe Maggie Gallagher was interviewed by The Big Picture's Thom Hartmann, who challenged the activist on several key points.

When asked if she felt her efforts represented the mainstream or a fringe group, Gallagher said, "Thirty-one out of thirty-one times the American people have had a chance to vote in the last decade, including as recently as 2009 in May, they voted to say 'no, we don't believe that gay marriage is a right. We think marriage is the union between a husband and wife for a reason. These are the only unions that make new life and connect children and love to their mother and father.'"

"So, you think sterile people should not be able to get married?" Hartmann asked in response.

When asked if she felt her stance against same-sex marriage made gay teens feel inferior and contributed to the alarming rate of suicides, Gallagher turned the question around. "Do you feel like the millions of Americans who go out there and vote and organize and fight for the idea that marriage means a husband and wife are responsible for gay teen suicide or not?"

"Yes, I do," answered Hartmann.

Watch the video below.

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