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EXCLUSIVE: Willam Belli on Drag Queens Eating at Chick-Fil-A

EXCLUSIVE: Willam Belli on Drag Queens Eating at Chick-Fil-A


Willam Belli, one of the standout contestants on Rupaul's Drag Race, discusses a new video spoof titled "Chow Down," in which a trio of drag queens endorse controversial fast food chain Chick-fil-A. The video, created to raise awareness of the chain's discrimination and donations to antigay organizations, was released earlier this afternoon and has quickly gone viral, shared on Facebook and Twitter, and posted on numerous blogs. Belli speaks exclusively with The Advocate about the origin of the video and how he and his drag pals Detox and Vicky Vox, really feel about the controversial eatery.

The Advocate: Who wrote the parody's lyrics?
Willam Belli: Detox, Vicky Vox, and myself.

Where did the idea come from?
I'd never had Chick-fil-A until Detox introduced me to it. While I was eating it, they told me how they hate gay people. I was like, "This is so fucking good, though. Shit!" Afterwards, I got diarrhea. I got real bad sting ring because that spicy chicken is hot and I put Tabasco on it. Then randomly we started singing, "Hold on for one more day." We always change the lyrics to songs. We're drag queens, that's what we do. That's where it came from.

So that was the first time you ever had Chick-fil-A?
I'm from the North. We didn't have Chick-fil-A. We all went there together. We're a hard party crew.

Why do they eat there?
Because Vicky's fat.

But the company donates to antigay organizations. Do Detox and Vicky feel guilty for eating there?
I don't know. You'd have to ask them about that. But we steal all their sauces. We take at least 10 each and then we berate them until they give us more. Every time. At this point when they see Detox, they just ask, "What do you want?" That's how we got all the shit for the video. We were like, "Give it to us. Give it to us now! Do you want us to come back there?" They're like, "We have to get a manager." But they gave it to us. We bought some food but honestly all that shit we took.

That'll teach them.
We're drag queens. You can't tell us what to do.

Do you feel any remorse about patronizing Chick-fil-A when the company donates money to antigay groups?
I am no one's role model. I am a novelty at best. My opinion is not valuable to the general public. I'm only available for entertainment purposes.

What message are you trying to convey with the video?
I wanted to wear a bob wig. The message is this: If Jeffrey Dahmer wanted to endorse a slap-chop, it would be bad. No one would want his endorsement. Drag queens are not the target endorsement market for a chicken eatery. It's kind of like a "Ha ha, you want to come for us? Let me come for you!" from three of the cutest drag queens in the world.

The video's already gone viral. What's the response been so far?
Everyone seems to like it and they get it. Some people finally like me because I'm viewed as a bitch on Drag Race. I'm cool. What other people think of me isn't any of my business but it's nice when people say nice things.

How have you enjoyed being a contestant on Drag Race this season?
It's great. Mondays are a drag.

Can you offer a hint about what happens tonight on Drag Race?
It's the singing and dancing competition tonight. As you can see I can sing and dance so dot dot dot.

Vote for Belli as NewNowNext's Most Addictive Reality Star here. Watch "Chow Down" below.

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