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Stas Vokman and the Purity of the Naked Male

Without props or a storyline, what's left is the dramatic beauty of a fine form.

Is It Time to Go Back to the Gym Yet?

Russian photographer Stas Vokman has provided us some inspiration to leave the COVID nest and get a little exercise.

Do You Have Good Naked Photos of Youself?

These days, it's a good idea to have a few good photos of yourself, naked. Photographer Mark L. Hersh performs that service and his rates are reasonable.

Nick Mesh Makes Muscle Books to Have and Hold

The photographer has been perfecting the naked male body since he was drawing his classmates in school.

35 Photos of Muscle, Leather, and Body Hair by Emitt More

There is a freedom and joy in maturity as seen in these sexy photos of daddies and leather guys.

Photos: What French Firemen Do Between Fires

Renown photographer Fred Goudon's photo book of French firemen might singe your fingers. Better get pot holders.

Wall-to-Wall Russian Muscle, Grrr!

Andrei Vishnyakov shoots all the biggest bodybuilders in Russia, often charting their growth over the years.

12 Veinglorious Photos of Antony Cesar by Verner Degray

Apparently God is in the vascular details of Verner's friend Antony. 

19 Portraits of Russian Masculinity From Seva Galkin

As a form of rebellion in conservative Russia, this artist and filmmaker highlights the male physique.

Our Favorite (Mostly Naughty) LGBTQ Photos of 2020

Here are some mostly erotic standouts from or contributors this year.

Russian Guys Showing Off for the New Year

Seva Galkin is a superstar photographer of the most perfect body builders in Russia. Check out his 2021 calendar here.

21 Images of Whipped Cream and Other Delights

Photographer Michael Craft has been living his boyhood dream by creating joyful, sexy, and imaginative beefcake photos.

Mathieu Overcomes Shyness

Verner Degray shares with us the process of encouraging a young subject to open up.

5 Test Shots of Dylan

Photographer Verner Degray squeezes a bit more summer out of the October light with model Dylan.

35 Photographs of Provincetown at Its Sexiest

Ron Amato has been shooting a Provincetown series for years now, and he captures the essence of late summer in these photos.

Elska Celebrates Five Years of Gorgeous, Global Men

Our favorite travel journal — Liam Campbell's Elska Magazine — marks the fifth anniversary of real men in photos and personal stories.

21 Images of Art, Exposure, and Nudity

Anthony Timiraos combines his photography and art in this fourth book in his "Exposure" series.

18 Portraits of Queer Tahitian Men Grappling With Desire

Verner Degray's photography shows the struggle many feel during social distancing.

(H)ombres: Men, Flesh, and Shadows

Shadows on male forms, male forms in shadows — these are the subjects of (H)OMBRES, a book by Luxembourg-based photographer Arnoldas Kubilius.

Lope Navo's Insanely Hot Images Are a Cure for Cabin Fever

Lope Navo’s award-winning work will be finally available as fine-art, limited-edition prints. Get a sneak peek here.