The Advocate's executive editor, Neal Broverman, sits down with Jessie and Tracy to talk about the Rob Porter scandel and women in the White House.

28 min 12 sec ago

A new podcast lets queer people share their own stories. Read and listen to Jen's tale below.

February 07 2018 5:04 AM

Kevin Gerdes, the creator the LGBT Stories podcast, joins Jessie and Tracy to discuss the importance of sharing our truth.

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Advocate social media editor Daniel Reynolds joins Tracy and Jessie to discuss the best of LGBT pop culture in 2017.

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On this special episode of The Advocates podcast, host Jessie "Gender" Earl sits down with her father to talk about being transgender.

December 26 2017 6:33 AM

For the latest episode of The Advocates Podcast, Tracy and Jessie talk Golden Globes and toxic masculinity with Pride's Taylor Henderson.

December 12 2017 1:13 PM