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WATCH: ENDA Won't Protect Heterosexuals, Says Right-Wing Activist

WATCH: ENDA Won't Protect Heterosexuals, Says Right-Wing Activist


The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer also played the 'special rights' and pedophilia cards in his lie-filled rant against the pending legislation.

Right-wingers are full of rants against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act as the U.S. Senate debates it today, and one of the most strident comes from Bryan Fischer, who unsurprisingly equates homosexuality with pedophilia but also seems not to realize that the term "sexual orientation" includes heterosexuality.

On his radio broadcast today, Fischer, who is with the American Family Association, referred to ENDA as the "Jerry Sandusky Pedophile Protection Act," referring to the former Penn State assistant football coach who was convicted last year of multiple counts of child sexual abuse. "It is entirely right and entirely appropriate that we should discriminate against people based on their deviant sexual behavior," Fischer said, equating LGBT people with Sandusky.

Fischer also hauled out the tired old lie about "special rights" for gay people, saying of ENDA, "There's no protection in here for heterosexuals, none whatsoever." Apparently he doesn't realize that banning discrimination based on sexual orientation means banning discrimination based on heterosexuality as well as homosexuality or bisexuality. And that banning discrimination based on gender identity would protect not only transgender people but anyone whose gender presentation does not conform to norms or stereotypes.

Watch video of Fischer's rant below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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