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WATCH: Minnesota Presbyterians Ordain First Openly Gay Minister

WATCH: Minnesota Presbyterians Ordain First Openly Gay Minister

The new minister of outreach at Trinity Community Church in Minneapolis is making personal and statewide history by becoming the first openly gay man ordained by the Presbyterian Church in Minnesota.

And while Daniel Vigilante's ordination is historic for the state's denomination, it also marks a long-sought victory for the clergyman, who first sought ordination 13 years ago but was rejected because of his sexual orientation, reports TV station KARE 11. 

"This is just an enormous step for the Presbyterian Church and such a statement that the church is a place for everyone," Vigilante told KARE 11. "It's inclusive. It's for young and old and gay and straight. Men and women can be a part of it and be in full leadership."

Vigilante is one of roughly a dozen gay and lesbian clergy members ordained since the Presbyterian Church began accepting openly gay ministers in 2011, according to Towleroad.


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