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...Pit Bull Advocacy
Pit bulls are simply, undeniably, the most outgoing and gentle-spirited of breeds; they don’t even make good guard dogs because they’re so people-friendly. My wife, our kids, and I live with two rescues, and it’s unfathomable to me how many strangers will be loving all over our dogs out on the street somewhere but then suddenly recoil in horror when they inquire as to what kind of dog is happily allowing their unruly toddler to “ride” him and stick their stubby little fingers into his mouth. All but a tiny number of the tortured Michael Vick dogs were able to be placed into loving forever homes with kids and other pets, so it’s clearly a case of nurture and circumstance — not that certain types of dogs are “born bad.” P.S.: Their jaws don’t lock: that’s a myth.,


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