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Rachel Maddow

Maddow Outperforms Hannity for Second Week Running

The lesbian broadcaster is drawing big numbers during her once-a-week appearances on MSNBC.

Santos Claims He Survived Murder Attempt, Was Victim Of Mugging: Report

Rachel Maddow revealed new tall tales told by the troubled talker.

Rachel Maddow’s Weeknight MSNBC Spot Goes to Alex Wagner

Maddow will still host her show on Monday nights. 

Maddow Returns to MSNBC Show, Announces New Schedule Moving Forward

The out host will appear on her MSNBC show Monday through Thursday this month and once a week in May, more frequently if the news merits it.

Rachel Maddow Set to Return From Hiatus, But for How Long?

Since she's been away, prime-time ratings for MSNBC have slipped.

Rachel Maddow to Step Down for Weeks-Long Hiatus From Show

The out anchor will reportedly still make appearances on MSNBC during her break.

Rachel Maddow: The Extremist Group Proud Boys Sounds ‘Really Gay’

"They both seem like they are referring to gay stuff, whether it is the Proud Boys in terms of gay Pride, or the Oath Keepers' thing if you've read a lot around the politics around gay marriage."

Rachel Maddow Reveals She Had Surgery to Treat Skin Cancer

The MSNBC host said she was able to get the cancer treated in time and that she's "absolutely fine" now.

Insiders Say 'The Rachel Maddow Show' May End Next Spring

Sources told CNN Business that finding a replacement for the show won't be easy when Rachel Maddow transitions to her new role under her new contract.

Report: Here's How Long Rachel Maddow Just Renewed Her MSNBC Deal For

The star is also slated to develop more projects outside of her nightly show. 

Rachel Maddow Delivers a Sobering Message About Her Partner's COVID

"This thing is scary as hell," Maddow warned after sharing that she thought she would lose her partner, Susan Mikula, to the virus. 

Rachel Maddow Roasted for Tweeting 'God Bless the President'

After Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, the MSNBC journalist lectured her followers on decorum.

Peering Inside Rachel Maddow's Beautiful Mind

The smartest person on TV is all complicated contradictions, writes Lisa Rogak in her new Maddow biography. Read an excerpt below.

Rachel Maddow Joins the CW's 'Batwoman,' Making It Even Queerer

The out MSNBC host will play a key role in multiple episodes of the Ruby Rose-led superhero series. 

Alex Jones Wants to Execute Journalists, Including Rachel Maddow

Journalists like Maddow are "traitors" and "scum," according to the far-right conspiracy theorist.

Mike Pence Had to Swear In Bisexual Senator Kyrsten Sinema

...And Rachel Maddow loved it.

CBS Executive on Leave After Calling Stephen Colbert, Hugh Jackman Gay

After the dismissal of CEO Les Moonves, a second CBS executive has been accused of homophobia and misogyny.

Rachel Maddow Declares 'Worst-Case Scenario' Is Real

The out MSNBC anchor said the president puts the interests of the Russian governnment first.

Rachel Maddow to Democrats: Don’t Be ‘Doormats’

The out MSNBC anchor had strong words for Democrats on why they must delay confirmation of a new justice until after the midterm.

Rachel Maddow Sobs While Describing Trump's Camps for Babies

The out MSNBC journalist was overcome by emotion by the administration's cruelty.