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Christian Seminary's 'Second Coming' Condoms Arouse Anger

Christian Seminary's 'Second Coming' Condoms Arouse Anger


The Chicago Theological Seminary is distributing 'Second Coming' condoms at Pride and music festivals.

Conservative Christians are outraged that the Chicago Theological Seminary is distributing condoms with a bawdy slogan printed on the package at festivals across the nation.

The seminary is affiliated with the United Church of Christ, a liberal and LGBT-inclusive denomination, and hosts an LGBTQ Religious Studies Center.

The latex condoms come wrapped in packaging that shows a rainbow-colored version of the church's logo and the slogan "Take Two (for the second coming!)." Faculty and students handed out the condoms at Chicago's LGBT Pride parade, at the church synod's Pride Day, and a Christian music festival in North Carolina.

Conservative Christians have expressed anger at the seminary's show of support for marriage equality and LGBT rights, but school officials are standing firm. "It was done with a little humor that not everyone appreciated," the Rev. Alice Hunt, president of the seminary, told the Chicago Tribune. "We believe that Christ's message is always about love and inclusion. There's a lot of angst about the same-sex marriage issues, particularly in certain communities."

Bethany Blankley, an evangelical radio host, has written a column published on many Christian and conservative websites that castigates the school for "false teaching and false representation of Christianity."

"Nothing could be further from Biblical truth -- the seminary's claims are inherent of blasphemy, heresy, and an obvious representation of hatred toward God and His Word," Blankley wrote in her column. "Only an apostate Christian and apostate church could celebrate or encourage gay sex or orgies. Only an apostate Christian and apostate church could advocate being 'LGBTQ friendly.' Apostasy is inherently anti-God."

The condoms also spurred comment on social media as users debated whether the prophylactics were clever or contemptible.

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