Roy Moore

Just when you thought we were done with the notorious homophobe/failed Senate candidate, he makes a desperate plea for more publicity.

May 01 2018 1:32 PM

The Democrat who defeated Roy Moore reaffirmed his support for the LGBT community.

April 12 2018 2:20 PM

Deborah Gibson, who said she dated Moore when she was in her teens, is running as a Democrat.

March 06 2018 3:47 PM

Raising money for a lawsuit he's fighting, the failed Senate candidate says "the unholy forces of evil" are attacking him.

March 02 2018 7:51 PM

Mona Charen got booed for her comments at CPAC, but she says she's glad she spoke out.

February 25 2018 4:31 PM

Tina Johnson's house may have been set aflame, but investigators don't believe the crime had anything to do with Moore.

January 06 2018 2:58 PM

The attorney cited by the Moores isn't who some people thought he was — instead he's a Messianic Jew who works for their foundation.

January 05 2018 3:34 PM