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A Broke Roy Moore Blames LGBTs, Hillary, and Obama for Money Woes

Roy Moore

Failed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore is still asking for money and blaming LGBT people, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and everyone but himself for his troubles.

Moore, who in December lost a special election to represent Alabama in the Senate, posted an appeal on Facebook Thursday seeking funds for his defense in a lawsuit brought by Leigh Corfman, the woman who accused him of sexually abusing her when she was only 14. Corfman has sued Moore for defamation because he called her a liar. She is not seeking financial compensation but wants a public apology from Moore and a court-enforced ban on him or his campaign attacking her again.

“I now face another vicious attack from lawyers in Washington D. C. and San Francisco who have hired one of the biggest firms in Birmingham Alabama to bring another legal action against me and ensure that I never fight again,” Moore wrote on the Facebook page for his Senate campaign. “However, I will trust God that he will allow truth to prevail against the unholy forces of evil behind their attack.”

But Moore said he needs money in addition to God, noting that his legal fees could run to more than $100,000. “My resources have been depleted and I have struggled to make ends meet,” he wrote.

He offered a litany of enemies he is fighting. “The liberal media, in association with some who want to destroy our Country do not want my influence in the 2018 elections and are doing everything they can to stop me,” he wrote. “Gays, lesbians, and transgenders have joined forces with those who believe in abortion, sodomy, and destruction of all that we hold dear. Unless we stand together we will lose our Country.”

In his effort to bring his “values and truths” to Washington, he said, “I was forced to fight the Washington establishment, the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, the ultra-liberal media and people such as George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many others who fear the truth.”

The allegations by Corfman and other women who say Moore sought relationships with them when they were teenagers, including one who accused him of sexual assault, helped sink Moore’s bid for the Senate. He has still refused to concede his loss to Democrat Doug Jones, who has already been sworn in. Moore, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is well-known for his far-right views, such as opposition to marriage equality and disrespect toward transgender people. He was removed from the court for ethics violations related to his efforts to block marriage equality in Alabama.

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