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Watch Bowen Yang Slay As George Santos on SNL

Watch Bowen Yang Slay As George Santos on SNL

Bowen Yang on SNL as drag queen Kitara Ravache and Rep. George Santos

SNL featured Bowen Yang as George Santos as Kitara Ravache and it was hilarious.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live took advantage of the seemingly never-ending amount of content generated by gay New York Rep. George Santos and poked fun at the lying congressman — thrice.

The show returned from its holiday hiatus with out actor Aubrey Plaza hosting and featured Bowen Yang as Santos as drag queen Kitara Ravache.

The cold open featured a Fox NFL Sunday setup, with hosts cutting to Santos, who was reporting from the sideline.

“I’m sort of the real Bo Jackson, and I’m proud to be the first African American quarterback to ever dunk a football,” Santos said.

After Santos lists several impossible statistics about his football abilities, one of the hosts questioned whether Santos had ever played football himself.

“Well, I didn’t do drag in Brazil,” Santos reacted. “I didn’t do drag in Brazil under the name Kitara Ravache! Whoever did that was very, very good at it and won many, many pageants.”

Hours before the live show, Santos appeared to confirm to reporters in New York who were following him after he arrived at LaGuardia Airport that he had appeared in drag.

“No, I was not a drag queen in Brazil, guys. I was young, and I had fun at a festival. Sue me for having a life,” he said, CNN reported.

The bit continued when the camera cut back to the set before returning to the remote shot with a different reporter.

She began speaking when Santos, now dressed in drag, wearing what appears to be the red dress he was photographed in, interrupted the live shot.

“George put Pam Oliver back on,” one of the hosts said.

“I’m not George,” replied Santos. “I’m Kitara Ravache! Now allow me to give you my real stats: Death drops, 26. Duck walks, 19. Wigs snatched, infinity. … And I was also given the award for tightest tuck.”

Fox Sports hosts (Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, James Austin Johnson, Devon Walker, Molly Kearney) interview Rep. George Santos (Bowen Yang).Saturday Night Live...

Last week a Brazilian drag queen told MSNBC journalist Marisa Kabas about Santos’s history as a failed drag queen, providing photographic evidence that promptly went viral.

At the top of the Weekend Update segment, the comedians aimed several jokes at Santos.

“A drag queen who claims she performed with George Santos said that George did not have the glamour to be a professional, but she said another drag queen in Congres is absolutely slaying as the character Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Michael Che said to groans and laughter.

Later, Yang returned as Santos for a one-on-one interview with Colin Jost.

At the conclusion, Jost comments on Santos’s placement on two committees.

“Of course they did, Colin, I’m a team player, and the sport is lies,” Santos replied. “At least mine are fun. Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s over here saying 9/11 didn’t happen. I just said it happened to me!”

Santos claims that his mother was in the south World Trade Center tower during the 2001 terror attacks and that she subsequently died of cancer acquired from the toxic cloud at Ground Zero is false. Documentary evidence, including records reviews, refutes his claim. Records show that his mother left the U.S. in 1999 for Brazil and did not return until 2003, the network reports.

Santos returns to Capitol Hill this week amid growing calls for the newly sworn-in lawmaker to resign.

Watch a clip of SNL's Weekend Update below.

Weekend Update: Colin Jost Interviews Rep. George Santos -

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