Some parents and students contend that trans girls shouldn't compete against cisgender girls unless they've taken hormones.

June 18 2018 10:03 AM

An Indiana teacher who had religious objections to using the preferred names says he was fired; the district says he resigned.

June 09 2018 7:26 AM

The 14-year-old proved that some heroes do wear capes.

May 30 2018 2:47 PM

Letting trans students use the restrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity doesn't harm other students, the court ruled.

7:21 PM

Students at North Bend High School said they were forced to read the Bible and were told LGBT people were hell-bound.

May 22 2018 4:27 PM

North Bend school officials are accused of, among other things, forced Bible readings and failure to address homophobic bullying.

May 12 2018 5:15 PM

Illinois teacher Nathan Etter says administrators discriminated against him, but they say they're committed to diversity and inclusion.

April 18 2018 3:51 PM