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J.K. Rowling stoops even lower, mocks hate-crime law & dares police to arrest her

Oh, and the British Prime Minister defended her behavior.

UK Government Blocks Scotland's New Pro-Trans Gender Recognition Law

The Scottish law would have moved toward self-determination for transgender people. 

Scotland, Spain Move to Simplify Legal Gender Changes

The legislation in both countries, awaiting final approval, will remove medical requirements and ease the process in other ways.

J.K. Rowling Funds Sex Abuse Crisis Center That Excludes Trans Women

The author's crisis center excludes trans women as both employees and service users.

'How Do Lesbians Have Sex?' Boss Asked Queer Employee, Complaint Says

An employment tribunal ruled in favor of the woman who said her managers had kept asking her inappropriate questions about her sexuality. 

J.K. Rowling Attacks Reform Bill That Eases Legal Gender Change

It's just the latest transphobic social media salvo the author aimed at trans people.

Politician: Same-Sex Marriage Is Cause of COVID

Scottish parliamentary candidate Peter Tait says he wants to represent "things that God would want me to represent."

Scotland Set to Become First Country With LGBTQ Rights Curriculum

Scotland is poised to make history with a curriculum that includes LGBTQ rights and history, homophobia, and transphobia. 

Scottish Leader Makes History by Heading Up Pride Parade

Nicola Sturgeon became the first serving first minister or prime minister in the U.K. to lead a Pride event.

Scotland to Pardon Men Convicted Under Gay Sex Ban

The Scottish Parliament unanimously passed legislation pardoning men convicted under antigay laws that are no longer in place.

LGBT Youth Center Gets Visit from Scotland's First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon is setting out to highlight the accomplishments of young people and make her country more inclusive.

Scotland Apologizes to Convicted Gay and Bi Men, Prepares Pardon

New legislation will pardon those convicted for consensual same-sex relations.

Scottish Episcopal Church Approves Same-Sex Marriage

It's the first major denomination in the U.K. to offer church marriages to same-sex couples.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Invokes MLK to Criticize Trump Travel Ban

In accepting an honorary degree in science at Glasgow University in Scotland, the out business leader told students, "If we stand and say nothing it's as if we're agreeing."

Thousands Around the World Protest Trump's Immigration Bans

From London to Glasgow to Tokyo, demonstrators sent a message to their governments that they oppose President Donald Trump's anti-immigration policies. 

Karaoke Cop "Will Survive" Breaking Up Gay Bar Fight

A video of a Glasgow police officer's rendition of "I Will Survive" has gone viral. 

Scotland Loves Marriage Equality

Since the nation's marriage equality law went into effect last December, one in eight marriages have been for same-sex couples.

Church of Scotland OK's Gay Clergy in Civil Partnerships

Delegates to the church's General Assembly in Edinburgh approved the move by a wide margin.

PHOTOS: Scotland Rings In First Same-Sex Weddings

The law establishing full marriage equality took effect Wednesday in Scotland.

WATCH: Explaining U.K.-Scotland Relationship as Gay Romantic Comedy

A British director envisions the ongoing debate over the separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom as the relationship of a pair of bickering boyfriends.