Pocatello to Ban Discrimination Against Gays

Pocatello to Ban Discrimination Against Gays

Pocatello, Idaho, the city made famous by Judy Garland's  "Born in a Trunk" from her 1954 musical A Star is Born, may become the second city in the sate to ban discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation, according to NPR.

The lack of statewide protections has impacted the LGBT citizens of the largely conservative and heavily Mormon city. Susan Matsuura, director of the city’s Human Relations Advisory Committee, told NPR that she's heard stories of people who've had to take extraordinary caution to keep their housing.


“People who are doing their best to hide their living situation, and who brought in extra furniture and made it look like they were just roommates,” Matsuura said. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to have my comings and goings scrutinized by my neighbors.”

Jessica Robinson reported that the city council voted unanimously to draft the anti-discrimination ordinance, and, so far, it faces little opposition.

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