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WATCH: Another Antigay Joke From Newlywed Game Host

WATCH: Another Antigay Joke From Newlywed Game Host


Bob Eubanks, notorious for his homophobic joke in Roger & Me, is caught on tape in a remark about a 'gay football game.'

Former game show host Bob Eubanks has been caught on tape making another antigay remark, telling a man in a bright yellow suit jacket that he looks "like a referee at a gay football game."

Eubanks made the statement recently (watch the video below) while hosting an onstage parody of The Newlywed Game, the show that brought him fame in the 1960s and '70s, according to Outsports. The location and exact date of the event were not reported.

"The audience loved the joke because, of course, the idea of gay men playing football is completely absurd," Outsports reported with a touch of sarcasm. The gay sports website noted that Lance Burage, head referee for Gay Bowl XII, the national gay flag football championship, "took Eubanks' joke in stride."

"Honestly, I think that Bob Eubanks is so old and irrelevant that it doesn't really matter what he thinks or said," Burage told Outsports. "However, I know many gay officials in many different sports, and those officials are just as studious, qualified, well-trained, and professional as any straight sports official. A professional appearance is important in the officiating world, and Mr. Eubanks should know that gay officials take that challenge as seriously as the next official."

This is not the first time Eubanks has been caught in a homophobic joke. He made one that was both antigay and anti-Semitic during his brief but infamous appearance in Michael Moore's 1989 documentary Roger & Me, saying Jewish women don't contract the AIDS virus "because they marry assholes, they don't screw them."

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