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dating apps

Two charged with murder of retired professor they met on Scruff

The two are also accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars and buying a car with the man’s credit card.

How Dating Apps ‘Ruined Dating’ for Some

As people get tired of swiping, there are also increasing efforts to circumvent those platforms.

LGBTQ+ Youth Often Come Out on a Dating App First, Tinder Study Finds

Tinder has also unveiled new profile stickers for queer users and allies.

Gay Men in Nigeria Targeted in Dating App Extortion Scheme

The blackmailers pose as potential dates to entrap their victims.

Transgender People Are the Most Communicative Daters: Study

Because transitioning is usually a public process, trans people seem to understand how to have intimate talks with people about themselves and thus express their desires and expectations.

Egyptian Police Entrapping Queer Men Through Dating Apps: Report

A BBC investigation has revealed stories of fabricated evidence and forced confessions.