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gay dads

5 Gloriously Gay Podcasts You Need to Listen To

Discover new and timeless queer podcasts that feed your soul, pique your curiosity, and tickle your funny bone.

Gay Dads Call for Hate Crimes Charge After Being Attacked in Front of Daughter

The two husbands were taking their daughter for a day trip when they were attacked by a man with a metal broomstick.

Homophobic Homeowner Refuses to Help Gay Family Fleeing Wildfire

“I was told family,” the man said before driving off, leaving a gay couple and their child.

15 Photos of What Gay Fatherhood Looks Like

Dads is a journey into queer fatherhood in the U.S. More than 40 families are portrayed by Belgian photographer Bart Heynen.

New 'Who’s Your Daddy' Podcast Tackles Parenthood for LGBTQ+ Couples

Travel influencers and medical professionals Michael Lindsay and Matthew Schueller share their surrogacy struggles, advice, and joys.