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The struggle to reclaim autonomy in the two-spirit movement

For centuries, two-spirit individuals have faced violence and assimilation. But today, activists are striving to reclaim their autonomy and preserve their legacy, writes Human Rights Watch's Abbey Koenning-Rutherford and Bria Nelson.

Cameroon president's daughter comes out, reveals relationship with Brazilian model

LGBTQ+ relationships are criminalized in Cameroon, carrying a sentence of up to five years in prison.

We need to reclaim pan-Africanism through love—for everyone

African LGBTQ+ people face violence, discrimination, and denial of their rights in the name of "African values." But love is a pan-African issue, writes Human Rights Watch's Larissa Kojoué.

Istanbul celebrates Pride despite ban and arrests

Organizers said they “changed continents” in response to the government crackdown.

As governments demonize LGBTQ+ rights, children lose the most

Recent laws in countries like Uganda, Ghana, Russia, and the US are curtailing LGBTQ+ rights under the guise of protecting children, writes Human Rights Watch's Ryan Thoreson.

Beyond decriminalization of same-sex relations

Human Rights Watch's Hala Maurice Guindy tells how LGBTQ+ individuals face ongoing human rights abuses in the Middle East and North Africa due to the criminalization of same-sex relations. Laws may seem vague, but they are used to persecute and harass. How can we ensure genuine equality and protection for all members of the LGBTQ+ community?

An urgent call to protect gender-affirming care

While efforts to ban or severely limit access to gender-affirming care are blunt and sweeping, gender-affirming care is anything but, writes Human Rights Watch's Yasemin Smallens.

Rep. Robert Garcia calls out Peru for classifying trans, intersex & nonbinary people as mentally ill

The California Democrat, who is Peruvian American, called the move ‘discriminatory, dangerous and shameful.’

When laws fail to protect trans people, harmful medicalized norms creep in

"Medical intervention for trans people, like all others, should be undertaken based on individual informed consent," writes Kyle Knight, co-interim director of Human Rights Watch's LGBT Rights Program.

United Nations adopts historic, first-ever resolution on rights of intersex people

The resolution denounces medically unnecessary surgeries and other forms of mistreatment.

Houthis sentence 9 men to death on dubious 'sodomy' charges in Yemen

A Houthi court sentenced 32 men on charges of "sodomy" earlier this year, a Human Rights Watch investigation has found.

Hunter Schafer arrested at pro-Palestine rally protesting Joe Biden on 'Late Night'

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer was arrested at a rally protesting Joe Biden's continued support of Israel's war with Hamas as the death toll in Gaza climbs.

Nepal must not move backwards on trans rights

A trans woman leading Nepal's premier LGBTQ+ organization voices concern over the slow backslide in trans rights despite historic victories for gender identity recognition and legal protection.

Houthi court sentences 13 men to public execution for gay sex

Activists say the rebel group is escalating its human rights abuses at home as it attacks international shipping.

LGBTQ+ people have been arrested through social media. Meta must protect them, says human rights groups

Human Rights Watch and other LGBTQ+ rights groups are calling on Meta to prevent social media from being used against queer people, particularly in places where their identities are criminalized.

Uganda Passes Law Criminalizing LGBTQ+ Identities

Same-sex relations are already illegal in the country.