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progress pride flag

San Francisco-area school board members get recalled after banning Pride flags

Parents voted to oust Ryan Jergensen and Linda Hurley by less than 40 votes each.

Fox News Retraction Prompts White House to Demand Removal of False Anti-LGBTQ+ Article

The network had proven itself capable of doing the right thing and so the White House demanded for the network to do the right thing again.

White House Mocks Fox News With Pride Cupcakes

White House communications staff insist that the network retract its inflammatory story that falsely reported the flag celebrates “groomers” and “pedophiles.”

Fox News Says White House Flew ‘Pedophile,’ ‘Groomer’ Pride Flag

The far-right news network changed its headline after the White House called it out.

White House Pride Flag Display Enrages Right-Wingers

They falsely claimed it was a “U.S. Flag Code violation.”