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Vatican excommunicates anti-LGBTQ+ Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Viganò invited notoriously antigay Kentucky official Kim Davis to a meeting with the pope and has denounced the blessing of same-sex relationships.

Bisexual student challenges Pope Francis over use of antigay slurs

The bisexual student from the Philippines said the offensive language “leads to immense pain.”

Pope Francis uses homophobic slur about gay priests — again

Sources present at a closed-door meeting said the pope used the slur during a discussion in which he warned against admitting gay men into the priesthood.

Pope Francis apologizes for using homophobic slur during debate about gay priests

The Pope is apologizing for invoking a vulgar Italian term about gay men in a recent closed-door debate about LGBTQ+ priests.

Pope Francis can’t seem to decide whether the church should welcome or condemn trans people

How does Pope Francis square what he did Monday with his meetings with trans groups and allowing trans people to be baptized in the church?

Vatican condemns gender-affirming surgery as threatening ‘unique dignity’ of a person

The document, which also goes after abortion and surrogacy, was approved by Pope Francis, who has had a mixed record on LGBTQ+ rights support.

Pope Francis: Critics of blessings for same-sex couples are hypocrites

People aren't scandalized by the blessing of an exploitative entrepreneur, but somehow they are by the blessing of a gay person, the pope said in a recent interview.

Pope Francis: Blessings for same-sex couples are for the people, not the unions

The pope issued a clarification of sorts in an address at the Vatican Friday.

Pope Francis: Sexual pleasure is a gift from God, but avoid lust and porn

The statements come amid conservative criticism of the pope and news that the Vatican will issue a document on so-called gender ideology.

Pope Francis' (Mostly) Complete LGBTQ+ Record: the Good and the Bad

Pope Francis may not be as progressive as some of us want, but he's made a lot of progress for LGBTQ+ acceptance in the church.

For Pope Francis, 87, It’s Out with the Old and In With the New

As a transitional pontiff, Francis will not be pulled backwards.

Pope Francis Approves Blessings for 'Irregular' Same-Sex Couples

While gay marriage is still considered a sin in the Catholic church, Pope Francis has approved blessings for same-sex couples.

Pope Revokes Homophobic Cardinal's Vatican Salary, Subsidized Apartment

Cardinal Raymond Burke has critiqued Pope Francis's stances on LGBTQ+ issues and more.

Pope Francis Hints at Openness to Blessing Same-Sex Unions

He advises "pastoral prudence" in response to requests for blessings but says such unions shouldn't be considered equal to marriage.

Pope Francis's Stance on LGBTQ+ People Challenged by Group of Five Cardinals

The group's five doctrinal questions, or dubia, come ahead of a monthly meeting to chart the church’s future course.

Church Under Investigation by the Vatican for Sex Party Claims

The same priest supposedly behind the party was under investigation for child sex abuse.