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Grammy-winner Shelby Lynne's 'Over and Over' is a smoky, searing ode to past love

While celebrating the 25th anniversary of her breakthrough album, I Am Shelby Lynne, the out artist has dropped the single 'Over and Over," about the pervasive memory of past love.

Cate Blanchett program announces first 11 women, trans, and nonbinary filmmakers to support

Each will receive $50,000 to help them make a short film that will serve as "proof of concept" for a larger project.

Cate Blanchett on bringing in more women, trans, and nonbinary filmmakers

She's doing her bit for inclusion, but she wonders why it's only women who are asked to do this.

Brooke Shields and Wilson Cruz on Mother of the Bride's happy, loving gay couple

Icon Brooke Shields and actor and LGBTQ+ activist Wilson Cruz chat with The Advocate about authentically portraying queer people in movies.

More Than 50 of Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Moms

Our community's out moms could use some more visibility — and a big thank you too.

Lesbian and bisexual women live shorter lives than straight women. Here's why

Lesbian and bisexual women have a staggeringly lower life expectancy compared to their straight peers, a new study found.

'Abhorrent:' Man sets lesbian couples on fire, killing one and injuring several others

The attack at a boarding house that killed one and left seven others injured has been called "one of the most abhorrent hate crimes in recent years."

Sharon Lubinski, first out LGBTQ+ U.S. marshal and Minneapolis police officer, has died at 71

Lubinski eventually became assistant Minneapolis police chief.

Jodie Foster leaves her mark in cement at L.A.'s Chinese Theatre

The ceremony came the same day as the 10th anniversary of Foster's marriage to Alexandra Hedison.

Hillary Clinton and Kelly Clarkson condemn Arizona ruling upholding 1864 abortion ban

"It's just insane to me," Clarkson said, and Clinton agreed.

Small-college association bans all transgender women from women's sports

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics' new policy will go into effect with the 2024-2025 school year.

Amy Schneider's come-from-behind win puts her ahead in 'Jeopardy!' tournament

The top woman and trans contest in the show's history is leading in the Jeopardy! Invitational Tournament.

Lesbian News publisher Ella Matthes has died at 81

She oversaw North America’s longest-running lesbian publication.

LGBTQ+ adults face discrimination in health care settings: survey

They are twice as likely to report discrimination or unfair treatment as straight and cisgender people, according to KFF.

A Texas woman was charged with murder for having an abortion. Now, she's suing the state

Lizelle Gonzalez spent two nights in jail after being charged with murder in “the death of an individual by self-induced abortion."

Watch Sue Bird talk about coming out in exclusive clip from her documentary 'Sue Bird: In The Clutch'

Catch the WNBA legend talk about her decision to publicly come out after being out to her family and friends for more than a decade.

LGBTQ+ women face more challenges than men in running for office: report

Women from the LGBTQ+ community are often discouraged from running, find their qualifications questioned, and experience gender-based violence, according to Victory Institute.

Three more arrested in murder of queer Brazilian politician Marielle Franco

Franco had fought corruption as a member of the Rio de Janeiro City Council. The new arrestees include the city's former police chief.

Watch these brothers step up after their dad refused to attend their sister's queer wedding

After one bride's father refused to attend or take part in her wedding, her brothers decided to fill his role instead.

Lesbian teacher settles federal discrimination lawsuit with Maine district

Michele Figueira had a stellar 20-year career until she reported the alleged behavior of her supervisor and her lesbian friend.