31 Must-See Fall TV Shows for LGBT Viewers

There have never been so many programs to choose from on television, which now offers more options than ever for LGBT viewers. To help navigate this landscape, The Advocate's editors prepared a list of shows that we are excited to see. They may be rich in LGBT characters, have a compelling story that deals with intersectional issues, or perhaps just appeal to the queer sensibility. Happy viewing!

Finding Prince Charming

Lance Bass hosts Logo's landmark dating show, Finding Prince Charming, in which gay men compete for the affections of bachelor Robert Sepulveda Jr. The show has generated some controversy due to the revelation that Sepulveda used to work as an escort. Fem-phobia and HIV will also be addressed in the season, which Bass hopes will generate much-needed conversations about the issues faced by members of the LGBT community. And hopefully, some people will find love in the process. Premiered September 8 on Logo. — Daniel Reynolds


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