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Kate McKinnon Brilliantly Channels Marianne Williamson 

Kate McKinnon Brilliantly Channels Marianne Williamson 

Kate McKinnon

McKinnon didn't have much time to practice her Williamson impression before debuting it on Late Night With Seth Meyers within hours of the Democratic debate. 

The second night of the Democratic debates had hardly wrapped before Kate McKinnon debuted an impression of candidate Marianne Williamson, who set Twitter on fire with her occasionally pointed but often out-there answers to questions from debate moderators.

Since Saturday Night Live is on hiatus for the summer, Seth Meyers had McKinnon hop on his show to offer up her latest spot-on impression, which included nailing Williamson's '80s soap character voice.

Author of several books on love and healing and a motivational speaker, Williamson ran for office in California in 2014 before tossing her hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

Williamson's closing remarks at the debate, where 10 candidates weighed in on gun control, police brutality, immigration, racism, and health care, were particularly ungrounded and inspired much discussion on social media.

After making a John F. Kennedy reference and invoking the president of New Zealand earlier in the evening, Williamson closed with a message to Donald Trump.

"So Mr. President, if you're listening, I want you to hear me please: You have harnessed fear for political purposes, and only love can cast that out. So I, sir, I have a feeling you know what you're doing. I'm going to harness love for political purposes. I will meet you on that field, and sir, love will win," Williamson said.

Appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, McKinnon called Williamson a "shining comet" before launching into her impression.

"I've heard a lot of plans here tonight, and if we think plans are going to beat Donald Trump, then we have another think coming. My plan is to gather all the sage in America and burn it," McKinnon says as Williamson.

Watch the segment below.

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