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Minnesota Mother Sues Daughter for Transitioning


The teenager is legally emancipated but her mother is furious that she received hormone therapy.

A 17-year-old trans teen is being sued by her mother over the daughter's transition. In her lawsuit, Anmarie Calgaro (pictured) lists her child as a defendant, along with two health care providers who provided transition-related services to her.

The teenager has been legally emancipated and living independently from Calgaro since June 2015, according to Buzzfeed. After striking out on her own, the teen began receiving hormone replacement therapy -- Minnesota allows emancipated minors to manage their own health care without parental approval.

The law allowing minors to make their own decisions is at the heart of the lawsuit by Calgaro, who's being represented by a notorious anti-abortion law firm. Still, Calgaro has made no bones about her opposition to her daughter's transition; she uses male pronouns for her daughter in the lawsuit and stated she's trying to stop her child from "doing something [she] might regret."

The odd thing about this case is that the daughter will likely be a legal adult by the time it goes to court. Responding to that point, Calgaro reportedly said, "I'm filing this on behalf of other parents."

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