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James Woods Likens a Child to a Serial Killer in Transphobic Tweet

James Woods

Nearly two years to the day after James Woods tweeted out a link to a public service announcement he appeared in to bring attention to the plight of homeless LGBT youth, the double Oscar nominee tweeted a vile, transphobic response to a photo of parents supporting their gender-nonconforming child. 

Responding to the photo of proud, happy parents with their son holding signs that read “I love my gender creative son” and “My son wears dresses and makeup, get over it,” Woods bluntly suggested that the child would grow up to be a serial killer in his deeply transphobic 140-character rejoinder.



But Woods’s tweet against a loving family is not the first time he’s publicly displayed ire toward LGBT people this year. An ardent supporter of Donald Trump, Woods has become increasingly more homophobic and xenophobic on Twitter over the past few years, taking aim at the likes of Black Lives Matter, Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour, Lena Dunham, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. A tweet about Anderson Cooper this May particularly put the once-prominent actor back in the spotlight for a moment. When Cooper famously rolled his eyes at Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s dissembling about FBI director James Comey’s firing, Woods responded to the eye-roll that went viral with a nasty little gay joke.



Woods has been on a speeding train of virulent right-wing hate on Twitter since he appeared in a PSA on LGBT youth homelessness for the Los Angeles LGBT Center in 2015 in which he, appearing empathetic, related statistics about the number of homeless kids and then, along with celebrities including Elton John and Jamie Foxx, assured those same kids, “We’ve got you.”  But he sure didn’t keep that promise to the gender-nonconforming child in the photo he just eviscerated on Twitter.

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