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'Trans People Deserve to Live' Flag Flies High at World Series

trans flag on display at world series final

An activist group was behind the transgender pride flag flown at the World Series to protest the Trump administration's attempts to erase trans people.

A week after the Trump administration's transphobic memo proposing that gender is unchangeable and defined by the genitalia one is born with was reported by The New York Times, transgender people have shown their strength and resilience by protesting and creating the rallying cry of #WeWillNotBeErased. The latest, very visible act of protest came during the final game of the World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday when a group of activists unfurled a trans pride flag with the phrase "trans people deserve to live" emblazoned on it.

A Los Angeles-based trans advocacy group, the TransLatin@ Coalition, snuck the 20 by 15-foot flag into the game where it remained for a few moments until the flag, and the members of the coalition, were escorted out by security. Among the people displaying the flag was the founder and president of the TransLatin@ Coalition, Bamby Salcedo

The flag has been making waves throughout the internet, even though it was not displayed on Fox's broadcast of the game, as reported by Into.

"I felt my heart was dropping along with it," Salcedo revealed in an interview Into "I was kind of exploding because of the adrenaline. You don't know what's going to happen with the police and security and all of that."

Salcedo hopes that people can be inspired and empowered by the display.

"I hope that this action will motivate members of the trans community, our allies, and our comrades to really activate and to really understand that we have power," Salcedo said in the Into interview. "We can demonstrate our power anywhere and everywhere."

If you are transgender and need someone to talk to, please contact the Trans Lifeline online or through its hotline, (877) 565-8860.

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