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Mastercard Is Making Its Credit Cards Trans-Friendly


Using a credit card can be fraught for some trans people when their name doesn't match their gender presentation, but Mastercard announced today it is working to remedy the problem.

The credit card giant — which, as the second-largest credit card company, has nearly 200 million users — will no longer require a legal name change or additional proof of identity to alter the name on someone's credit card, Newsweek reports. Mastercard is calling its new service the True Name card. 

Many transgender people have identification and credit cards that include their deadname or incorrect gender, leading to anxiety, harassment, and rejection from cashiers. Mastercard says the True Name card is safe and that having specific names on credit cards does not make transactions more secure.

"Mastercard listened to transgender and non-binary consumers' need for privacy and authenticity and created a powerful tool to make their lives better," Zeke Stokes, chief programs officer at GLAAD, said in a statement. "Other businesses should follow suit by working with members of the LGBTQ community to create financial products that reflect true identities."

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