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The newest edition of WHO's International Classification of Diseases makes a welcome revision.

June 19 2018 7:54 PM

Current international guidelines say wait until age 16, but the Aussie study recommends considering developmental factors, not just chronological age.

June 18 2018 8:32 PM

Some parents and students contend that trans girls shouldn't compete against cisgender girls unless they've taken hormones.

June 18 2018 10:03 AM

The Trump administration keeps trying and failing to persuade judges to unblock the ban.

June 15 2018 5:45 PM

Cetine Dale, the cohost of the podcast Bit Different, recounts how video games provide a support network for the LGBT community.

June 15 2018 3:26 PM

Trans and cis women have very different experiences of womanhood — as TERFs love to point out — but that doesn't make either experience any less valid.

June 15 2018 6:31 AM