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This was a quiet — but huge — victory, writes Matt Thorn of OutServe-SLDN.

July 18 2017 5:23 AM

There's nothing this brilliant woman can't do — change minds about trans people, challenge our notions on beauty, and now, guest-star in a TV drama.

July 17 2017 5:07 PM

Amid all the melodramatic backstabbing, Daytime Divas explores the complex issues surrounding a conservative celeb mom and her trans child.

July 17 2017 6:47 AM

Making South Florida's queer community inclusive of trans people was a Herculean feat, Riki Wilchins recalls.

July 17 2017 5:28 AM

Despite Trump's already abysmal LGBT record, Jenner thinks he deserves more time. 

July 14 2017 4:37 PM

Sponsored by several conservative organizations, a so-called free speech bus promoting anti-transgender messaging was met with protests as it made its way into the Government Square in Santiago, Chile. ​

July 14 2017 2:12 PM

The Hartzler amendment “would have ripped away medically necessary health care for transgender service members and military dependents,” according to OutServe-SLDN.

July 13 2017 7:45 PM