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Judge in Turkey Rules That Participating in Pride Is Not a Crime

Almost 20 activists have been acquitted after being charged for participating in a Pride march at a local university in Ankara in 2019. 

Naked Men Mix With Turkish Art In This Stunning Collection

In these photographs, the naked male form that was historically never depicted in Islamic art comes to light.

Turkey's Government Is Using Antigay Hate to Retain Power

Like other strongmen, President Erdogan happily scapegoats marginalized people.

Netflix Halts If Only After Turkey Demands It Expunge a Gay Character

Turkey's attempt to censor the series sets a "frightening" precedent, the show's creator said. 

Turkey's Capital Issues Ban on All LGBT Events

The city of Ankara has halted all LGBT festivals, claiming events could "provoke hatred and hostility."

Protesters Call for Trans Rights in Turkey

Police arrived with water cannons and chased protesters out of the streets.

Chilling Footage of Turkish Police Attacking LGBT People

Activists in Istanbul planned to hold the Pride march this weekend, but police fired rubber bullets and tear gas, and detained several people.