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United Kingdom

George Michael Wanted to Make ‘Hardcore Porn’ Version of 1998 Music Video

The director of several of Michael’s videos made the revelation in a new documentary.

8 LGBTQ+ British Royals Throughout History

Historians have pegged several as likely members of the community, and in the 21st century at least one is out and proud.

'Red, White, Royal Blue': First Images of Upcoming Gay Romance Film

A British prince and the U.S.'s First Son fall in love in the new movie.

'The World's Smallest Pride Parade'

How one street comes together to celebrate their LGBTQ+ neighbors.

Archaeologists Say They Found a 2,000-Year-Old Penis-Shaped Sex Toy

After realizing that they filed it away incorrectly, researchers believed they had a sex toy and not a mending tool on their hands.

U.K. Will Introduce Ban on Conversion Therapy

The new legislation will include treatment directed at trans people, reversing last year's announcement that this would be excluded.

P&O Cruises new ship the Arvia
Out Traveler

Christmas Day Cruise 'Disaster'

Scotland, Spain Move to Simplify Legal Gender Changes

The legislation in both countries, awaiting final approval, will remove medical requirements and ease the process in other ways.

J.K. Rowling Lambasted for 'Merry Terfmas' Tweet

The tweet came in response to praise from another Twitter user on Rowling's funding of a trans-exclusionary center for survivors of sexual violence.

LGBTQ+ Soccer Fans Should 'Be Respectful' in Qatar, Says U.K. Official

The comments, made by the British foreign secretary, come as the World Cup is set to take place in Qatar, a country where homosexuality is criminalized.

'How Do Lesbians Have Sex?' Boss Asked Queer Employee, Complaint Says

An employment tribunal ruled in favor of the woman who said her managers had kept asking her inappropriate questions about her sexuality. 

A Gay American's Trip to London for Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral

Michael Tropp flew to London to be near the Queen after her death and got a front-row seat to witness history.

Gay 'British Bake Off' Contestants Call for More LGBTQ+ Inclusion

The show has embraced gay men but needs to emphasize the full diversity of the community, say David Atherton and Michael Chakraverty.

Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96; A Look at Her LGBTQ+ Record

A year after the longest-serving British monarch's death, here's a look at her handling of LGBTQ+ issues — a mixed bag that leans toward the positive.

Dustin Lance Black and Reality Star Trade Charges in Bar Incident

Black was with his husband Tom Daley.

Boris Johnson Resigns Amid MP's Same-Sex Sexual Abuse Scandal

Departing U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves behind a mostly negative LGBTQ+ rights record.

These Gay Penguins Proudly Hatched a Baby Chick

Penguins Diego and Zorro have been an item since 2017 and did not disappoint as parents this year.