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Ladies, Are You Ready for Michfest?

Natalia ZukermanX633 0

Both trans and cisgender activists, including Serano, Leslie Feinberg, and the Lesbian Avengers, have participated in Camp Trans. Many women have also joined a movement called Trans Women Belong Here, which includes festival attendees and others "who are taking active steps towards welcoming all woman-identified women to the festival."

Also, some performers are taking a new attitude toward women's music and cultural festivals. Natalia Zuckerman (pictured above) recently told SheWired that "perhaps there isn't as much of a need for lesbian music culture anymore. Meaning, we don't need the public gatherings on that scale to feel like we are part of something, that we belong. Lesbian culture is much more in the mainstream than it has ever been, so we don't need to seek out these alternative spaces to feel safe as much as we did when k.d. and the Indigo Girls first started out. What's next is that there are more gay men and lesbians, trans, bi, and queer people in the music world than ever before. And it is less of a big deal than ever before, less of an anomaly."


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