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At G20, Trump Heaps Praise on Brazil's Disgraced Antigay President

Trump and Bolsonaro

U.S. President Donald Trump gleefully met Friday with homophobic Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during the G20 summit of world leaders in Osaka, Japan.

Despite the Brazilian leader's history of hateful statements toward women and LGBTQ people, Trump celebrated the scandal-plagued Bolsonaro; 86 pounds of cocaine was recently discovered on the plane Bolsonaro took to Osaka.

“We are with a gentleman with one of the greatest election wins anywhere in the world as far as I am concerned,” Trump said of Bolsonaro.

His reason for heaping such praise? Bolsonaro may have promised to erase LGBTQ and feminist history from school curricula, but he likes Trump.

“He was very proud of his relationship with President Trump, the president of Brazil,” Trump told the press. “He is doing very well. Very much loved by the people of Brazil, and I think we can say that Brazil and the United States are as close or closer as they’ve ever been.”

Bolsonaro boasts enough fans to have won election there, of course, but he’s also inspired intense criticism and fear. After his election, LGBTQ activists in Brazil promised to fight the president’s “barbarism.”

That included family for murdered activist Marielle Franco, who was assassinated in what many believe to be a hit ordered by political enemies. Some have accused Bolsonaro’s son, Flavio, of being connected to the death.

“Bolsonaro said he is going to ‘clean’ — that’s the way he said it — homosexuals, poor people, and black people,” Anielle Franco, Marielle’s sister, told Agence France-Presse.

Meanwhile, a gay member of the Brazilian parliament fled the nation after Bolsonaro’s election out of fear for his own life.

“I do not want to sacrifice myself,” Jean Wyllys said.

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