The Getty Goes Gay Cruising the Archives
January 20 2012 5:00 AM ET

The Getty Goes Gay: Cruising the Archives

Phil Tarley

Funded in part with a $50,000 grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation and curated from the gargantuan collection of the One National Gay and Lesbian Archives, this eclectic, poignant, and most often whimsical exhibition is spread over three venues.

Golden States of Grace
January 14 2012 5:00 AM ET

Golden States of Grace

Christopher Harrity

Rick Nahmias's images reveal beautiful expressions of faith in religious communities outside the mainstream.

Artist Spotlight Dylan Rosser
January 07 2012 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Dylan Rosser

Christopher Harrity

This London photographer's work makes everyone want to be a male physique photographer. But it's harder than it looks.

Artist Spotlight Favorite Artwork of the Year 2011
January 02 2012 5:00 AM ET

 Artist Spotlight: Favorite Artwork of the Year

Christopher Harrity

Artist Spotlight Favorite Photographs of the Year 2011
December 26 2011 5:00 AM ET

 Artist Spotlight: Favorite Photographs of the Year

Christopher Harrity

2011 saw a diverse and talented collection of photographers contribute to our weekly portfolios.

Artist Spotlight Gio Black Peter
December 17 2011 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Gio Black Peter

Christopher Harrity

Gio Black Peter is the kind of artist who creates artwork, videos, and music that make you want to create these things yourself.

Artist Spotlight Peter De Potter
December 03 2011 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Peter De Potter

Christopher Harrity

De Potter's art weds words and images that work like instant poems or single-frame films.

Jared French's Magic Realism
November 19 2011 3:00 AM ET

Jared French's Magic Realism

Christopher Harrity

Is all male nudity in art and photography necessarily homoerotic? Continuing to explore artists who eroticized the male figure before Tom of Finland's career began, we look at bisexual artist Jared French.

Artist Spotlight Alexander Guerra
November 12 2011 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Alexander Guerra

Christopher Harrity

Over the past year and a half, Guerra has unleashed his Rabbit army on the world, immortalizing his Rabbit in Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Beijing, and Sydney. His self-portraits become both his souvenir and the postcard sent home.

Celebration of Craftswomen
November 05 2011 4:00 AM ET

Celebration of Craftswomen

Christopher Harrity

For three decades, the Celebration of Craftswomen show has displayed the most beautiful arts and crafts. Here is a selection by lesbian and bisexual participants.

Artist Spotlight: E. Gibbons
October 29 2011 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: E. Gibbons

Christopher Harrity

Gibbons's controlled, monochromatic renderings think outside the box.

There He Is Mister Gay Hong Kong
October 24 2011 4:00 AM ET

There He Is, Mr. Gay Hong Kong Editors

Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2011 was crowned on October 15 at the Bisous nightclub.

Artist Spotlight Susan Mikula
October 22 2011 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Susan Mikula

Christopher Harrity

Mikula, whose girlfriend is the very busy Rachel Maddow, shares zen serenity by capturing light on Polaroid film past its shelf life and then handing it back to us as a document of the American landscape.