BY Albert Smith

April 10 2010 4:00 AM ET


Between the mid 60's and the end of the 80's, Ara Gallant (1932-1990) revolutionized fashion publishing, first as a hairstylist and makeup artist and later as a photographer for magazines such as Vogue, Interview, Playboy and Rolling Stone. A figure well known in the fashion world and among Hollywood actors, after his death Gallant dropped into oblivion. This monograph, edited by David Wills and published by Damiani, presents for the first time an all-round portrait of a multifaceted genius, with a wide selection of images and testimonials from people who knew and worked with him. For years a close collaborator with Richard Avedon — to such an extent that they were known on the scene as a single entity, "Aradon" — Gallant handled the styling of a great many photographic sets, inventing visionary hairstyles for the most famous models of the time, such as Twiggy and Veruschka: the book includes five shots by the master (including an unpublished portrait of Anjelica Huston) that bear witness to this extraordinary professional and artistic partnership.

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Appolonia von Ravenstein, Playboy, 1977

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